Is Corruption really the problem? exploring Nigeria’s worst Nightmare.

Most of us are beneficiaries of the corrupt system

  • Petty theft: this includes practices like stealing from organizations like public hospital supplies to sell for personal gains.
  • Grand Theft: embezzlement of large public funds, misappropriation of funds as we see in Nigerian politicians.
  • Speed Money: is the extra money you pay to the passport officials to hasten your passport process or the money you pay to jump a queue. Not forgetting bribing the police for favors
  • Access money is the money the rich people or the elites pay to the government (most times) to get deals such as government projects. Or money paid to influence policies in their favor.

Unbundling Corruption

  1. People hire corruption because they want access to the basic things of life. They want to be able to feed their families, go on vacations, and see their children through school.

Countries Evolve

Phase 1: Overt and Unpredictable.

Examining previous solutions

Phase two: Covert and Predictable

Phase 3: Transparency

The Journey to a More Transparent System


When there are few alternatives to help people progress, corruption often stands out as the most viable option.

Societies are able to reduce corruption because they developed.




I write to understand better

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Oluwabukunmi Familoye

Oluwabukunmi Familoye

I write to understand better

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